Recent Projects

The projects listed are a combination of side projects and client projects. For each of my side projects, I try to build for a target user and community. Some are open-sourced, some aren't. But if anything piques your interest, feel free to reach out!

Under Construction


A mobile-first project borne from 8+ years in fintech and seeing the disconnections between regular consumers and credit card companies. I hope to bring more financial freedom and understanding to consumers. I dedicate some time every week to improve this project. Stay tuned!

Target: Consumers with more than one credit card

Built With: React, Tailwind, Node.js, Express, MongoDB

Kandoo Image


Inspired to give back to a community of 60,000 engineers, we built Kandoo to support the collaboration needed to support those from all different timezones. We have reached MVP, and next steps are to include user interviews, live chat, and more!

Target: Groups of engineers or communities looking to collaborate and organize the work

Built With: React, Tailwind, Node.js, Express, MongoDB

Ram and Rooster image

Ram & Rooster

A site for a fine-dining restaurant currently under contract through 2023. Updates coming soon!

Target: Client based in New Jersey

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Broadway Barber Image

Broadway Barbers

A static site for a barbershop in New York City. Built during the pandemic, the goal was a simple way to showcase their work during the hard times.

Target: Client based in NYC

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass

Food Blog Image


A static site for a local client looking to build his food blog. He wanted his photography of his journey of food represented front and center.

Target: Client

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass